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Finding the Perfect Wingman

No man can ever survive for himself on his own. We will need other people some time in our lives. That’s why we are called social beings because we need other people to survive. Also read this interesting article.


This need for companionship is very much true when it comes to dating. That’s why every man needs his perfect wingman. Your wingman will not only help you meet women and get dates; he will also help you escape a really bad one, and hide from a terrifying ex-girlfriend. Alone in your love life cause? Maybe all you need is the perfect wingman! Here are tips on how to find your perfect wingman:

  • Your wingman must be a really good friend of yours. Your wingman will have you meet ladies. He will pave the way for you with good talk; in essence, he will act as your matchmaker. What good a matchmaker would he be if he does not know anything about you? He should know what you like and dislike about women, how you want girls to know you, your pet peeves, food allergies, and practically everything about you that could affect your dating life. And only a friend – a really, really good one – would have the energy and the interest to effortlessly try to learn all those things.

  • Your wingman must be sociable – with everyone. What good is a wingman who could barely talk to a cute waitress for extra napkins? The worst type of wingman is one who hardly goes out. Your wingman must know how to socialize. And for quite obvious, I-don’t-need-to-tell-you-anymore reasons. Find a friend who is not necessarily the most popular, but at least the social butterfly type who knows how to know people and how to introduce you to people.

  • Your wingman must know a lot of and about girls. A guy who’s never had a girlfriend might not be the perfect wingman for you. You cannot entrust your dating life to someone who creeps girls out at the first second he opens his mouth. Your wingman should not be a player – his womanizing reputation will not do you any good, but he must be friendly with girls. Someone who you can actually learn from. See what SIBG.com says here on girlfriend getting.

  • Your wingman must not have the same taste in girls. The last thing you want is to think that your wingman is making his own advances on the same girl you are hitting on. So make sure you and your wingman have different tastes in women so you are not competing against each other. Competition is the bane of all relationships, remember that.

  • Finally, to find the perfect wingman, you must be the best wingman. ‘Wingmanship’ is a special kind of friendship that’s a cross between brothers and best friends. This relationship entails a lot of mutual benefits and the willingness to help each other. To be the best wingman, you have to be able to work selflessly for your buddy, knowing that he will do the same for you.

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Found your perfect wingman yet? On the other hand, if you are the wingman, here are some tips on how to be good at it.