Enrique Quintero

Is She Just Playing With You?

Society is very familiar with stories of men who play around with women’s hearts. If there was a photo to go with the definition of the word “player”, it would most likely be that of a guy flanked by several women. But we all know better. Some members of my kind, the ladies, are also just as guilty of playing around with men’s feelings.

Other girls do it on purpose, others are just mere victims of their own fear for commitment. But for whatever reason they do what they do, if you’re a guy looking for a serious relationship, by all means you have to avoid these women!

The problem that most men have about playing ladies is that they’ve fallen too deep before they realize that they were being played. It’s only when she’s screamed ‘Game Over’ and she’s already – apparently – won the game that most men realize they were being played.

How can you spot a lady player at first glance? Here are some helpful signs:

  • She keeps you guessing. This is one clear sign of her playing mind games on you. She wants you to stay curious about her, to have you think of her constantly, to have you hooked to her. She keeps you guessing about what she feels and thinks about you – playing with both your naturally curious nature and ego. She does not even tell you what she truly likes.

  • She is bipolar about you. One moment she’s too eager on you, the next she does not want to see you. When she’s too eager and interested in you, it makes you feel good. It gets you happy – addictively happy. And then she lets go. She drops you off right when you’re too hooked. This frustrates you so you go after her. She keeps on saying no until you let go, and that’s when she comes running right back to you. If you let it go on, it becomes a vicious cycle that is anything but fun. This is the game she wants to play. At this stage, you'll do better if you are equipped with dating advice for men from SonicSeduction.net - do yourself a favor and check the website out.

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  • Don’t be too pushy when it comes to sex and intimacy. Nope, not even kissing. Wait for the right moment, and always wait for her to be fully comfortable with you. Sex and other forms of intimacy require ample amounts of trust and confidence and until she’s ready for you, don’t push it. Don’t try to sweet talk her out of it too often either; she’ll think that’s all you’re after.

  • She’s either too proud of you and takes you on every public affair she’s going to, or she does not seem to want to be seen in public with you. You are either her trophy, or she just wants something from you.

  • She keeps secrets from you. She does not trust you, and she is not trying to change that either. This is a sure indicator that she does not want any form of emotional intimacy with you. That, and she’s hiding something (or some things?) from you (aka other men).

  • She’s extra nice when she wants something from you. Women are naturally sweet and sweeter when we’re trying to ask for a favor. But if your girl is only nice when there’s a sale at the mall or she wants to try out the new restaurant in town, or if she wants a new bag, and is so-so and cold on normal days, well, she’s only after something.