Enrique Quintero

The First 5 Things a Woman Notices in a Guy

Do you know the first five things that women notice about men?

If there are things men notice in women, there are also things that women notice in men. Whether going out on a date, or simply bumping into a lady at a public place, there are five basic things about you that women notice first. Many men go through the dating process without knowing which part of their bodies, personalities and overall appeal should get more attention – not because it is the most important, but because it is what gets noticed first.

If you want to make an impression on a girl, these are the five things that should get most of your attention because it is, after all, what gets girls attention too:

  • The hair – the hair is everyone’s crowning glory. A single haircut could change the way a person looks tremendously. There is not one generic attention-grabbing hairstyle out there for men. What makes it impressive is that it is well kept and suits a guy’s personality. More often than not, a man’s do can speak in volumes about the wearer – effortlessly. Keep a hairstyle that speaks about you, and yes – do keep it clean. Dirty and stinky and messy hair is a bad combination and sends a really *bad* message.

  • eye

  • The eyes – a person’s eyes speak a lot, it is the window to one’s soul after all. That’s why girls take a lot of hint from the way a guy looks at her, how his eyes twitch and react to things, and to where they are usually directed at. So if you’re out on a date with a girl, make sure you look her in the eyes – they not only tell her you’re confident; it also means you are trustworthy and that you are not busy looking around and checking them other girls around. If you are not dating yet, here are some handy tips on asking a girl out for a date to get you started.

  • Personal grooming. This basically encompasses everything – clothes, shoes, hairstyle, and overall appearance. If you look scruffy and dirty and your shirt looks like it’s begging for a touch of detergent, she’ll probably give you a frown and might unwittingly pinch her nose, expecting a stench.

  • Shoes. Sneakers say you’re low maintenance, loafers mean you’re classy. High cut, safety CAT boots could mean you’re a toughie, and flip flops tell us you’re from Hawaii or California. Women judge people by their footwear, not just men. You don’t have to wear the most expensive brands to impress a lady; wear the right one for the right outfit and she’ll know you give attention to detail and you know how to care about yourself.

  • Smile. Who wouldn’t notice a good, sweet, warm smile? An average-looking guy could pass off as the most attractive guy in the room if he wears a great smile. So practice your smile and wear it often. It not only makes you look good, it also makes you feel good inside too. A great smile is a better magnet for ladies than any other manly weapons you have.

    At one look, a girl cannot possibly tell what you are inside. So at least make sure these five things speak about your personality and make you look good at the same time.